Child Harness….Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I’ve always had this idea that a parent that uses a harness with a leash is treating their child like a dog. Only dogs should wear leashes!  I would pass them in crowded places and just think to myself “How could that mom tie up her child like that?!”  I never knew what it would feel like to be out in public shopping with my son and to turn around and find that he is gone, nowhere to be found.  I can’t imagine the absolute that mothers and fathers go through when their child has gone missing.

 Then I had my son.  I understand there are those children out there who actually listen, try not to get themselves in to trouble or wander off; my son is NOT one of those children.  Once my son is placed down on the floor he just takes off!  He runs for the most unsafe thing he could find and runs off again.  He feels the need to be so independent and doesn’t even like to hold my hand.  We visit many theme parks, we do a lot of shopping and it’s usually just me and my son.  Because he is so active I have a hard time keeping him close by, he always needs to be in the action and know what’s going on and when he’s in a stroller he even tries to climb out of that! The world today is not a safe place what so ever, someone could just come up beside me and snatch him away from me!  So I thought recently about using a harness.  Would I be able to handle the rude comments from other people?  Would I even be able to use it?   I did some research and spoke to other moms.  I went through the pros and cons of the harness and came up with these.


*Comfort, a child’s arms isn’t stretched up to hold your and you’re not having to bend over to hold their hand.

*Safety, you will always be 3 feet away from your child, they will also have their independence to walk on their own.  Plus they won’t be running in front of a moving car!

*Exercise, they will be able to burn off more energy by walking.  They won’t get that sitting in a stroller.

*Your sanity!  Imagine losing your child, it could have been avoided by using a harness.

And then I went through the cons, there weren’t many.  Some of the people I talked to thought it was inhumane and cruel.  Some of these parents are also against disciplining their child in any way as well.  I’m trying to be my child’s parent, not their best friend; I need to keep them safe at all times.


*Cruel, leashes are for dogs.

*You look like a lazy parent, why can’t you just chase your child around?

*Unhealthy to their growth


So after asking some people and doing some research I decided having a harness would be in my favor…and my son’s.  He is the most important thing to me and when you hold something like that so dear you will go to any extreme to keep them safe.  As far as what I would do if someone made a rude comment?  To be honest I don’t know what I would do, I don’t know what I would say.  I’m sure my first thought would be to say something rude back but I think I would let them know that this harness could mean the safety of my son and keep him from becoming another statistic. 

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