How early can you teach your baby to swim?

Is there a to start teaching your baby to swim? Does it benefit them if you start off early rather than later? I think so. Some infants have started to as young as . Younger babies seem to feel more comfortable in water than older kids do. There isn’t such a for the water as there would be for maybe a three year old. I have my son enrolled in a swim class, he is a year old and loves to take and play outside with but when we get in to the for lessons he seems so scared. There is a seven in the class and he seems so relaxed in the water, like he remembers how it was when he was in utero. My son on the other hand wants nothing to do with , going under water or even playing in the pool. As a parent, it’s so important for me to know that my son can swim. So many babies and children drown each year and I want to make sure my son knows what to do when he’s in the water. With that said I feel like the earlier I would have started him in lessons the more comfortable it would have been for him. It is said that know to close their mouth when they go under water; it’s a for them. My son has a wide and tends to water, which in turn he and then cries which scares him even more. The seven month old in the class seems to know when he’s going under water, he closes his mouth and goes under with ease, not choking one bit! Back when I was a baby my mother took me to swim class, she said I was about six months old and at that time to teach a baby to swim the parents would stand in a pool and let go of their babies and that it would be almost for them to try and swim, she said for me it was. Today things are a little different, there are different techniques used that aren’t so harsh. Now they have floats to help babies learn to kick, to play to make swim time and all these things still seem to scare my son. I often wonder if I waited too long and if he will ever want to go back in to a pool again. I guess I will continue to try and see if he will become a little swimmer and not turn off the idea that swimming can be fun! So yes, I think teaching your babies to swim at an early age makes it easier for them and for you. My mind will be put at ease when I know my son can swim safely on his own.

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