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So I got to thinking the other day about how hard it can be for new moms to register for their baby shower or just for the baby in general.  I remember going to Babies R Us and thinking “This is going to be !”.  Little did I know there were a million and one things to look at and I had no clue about any of them?  There are so many things to consider when registering.  You need to make sure you have all the bottles, but which bottles are best?  There are only about 50 different brands to consider.  Then there are pacifiers, for different ages, silicone or latex?  Then you need to look at health items such as thermometers, grooming kits (are they really necessary), skin care and humidifiers.  I was lost the second I had the scanning gun in my hand.  I thought I would go in, scan everything and go, but I was wrong.  It’s hard to know what you need and what you’re going to use, you’ve never had a baby!  They give you a list of must haves and say it’s what most moms get when they register but still, you’re lost.  I ended up scanning EVERYTHING in the store.  Did I really need a pee pee cover?  Was I really going to need a fancy bottle warmer?  So I registered and got home and showed it to some friends who already have kids and their jaws dropped.  They had to ask why I registered for the store itself.  I didn’t know what I was doing!  Needless to say they helped me dwindle the list down to less than 300 items.  I wish there was an easier way to know what you need.  I did though ask all my friends if I would need certain things, some used everything and some just did without so I was kind of stuck in the middle.  I guess you learn along the way and let me tell you I did!  I ended up getting some items from my registry and thinking, “How and when am I going to use this?!”  And it ended up going to waste.  I never needed to use the wiper warmer I asked for.  I ended up being more of a hassle than anything.  I did though end up using the boppy pillow, I still use it to this day or shall I say my son still uses it to this day.  He sleeps with it every night.  Everything is so new when you have a little one coming in to your home and you’re never going to fully know what to do, who does?  I think the fun of it is learning on your own, learning how to be a mom, teaching yourself what works and what doesn’t.  Now I’m one of the moms that are asked about what should be put on the registry and I have to say it’s hard to really give advice.  I just think it’s best to do it on your own, it‘s confusing and overwhelming and frustrating but the rest of your life from that point on is also going to be and only you can make decisions, no one else can. You can always ask for help but at the end you are the one decides what works best.  That’s what being a mom is about, learning.  And it can be fun!

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