Water Darts

Our Water Darts feature an inflatable 24″ tall target with a water bladder to keep it upright. Leave in the inner section divider for tough competition or remove it for beginner play. Set includes three soft 9″ water resistant darts. Play various games with multiple players. (Age 4+) Price : 19.99 USD SKU : 7161W […]

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

The Laugh & Learn puppy is a cuddly play pal for baby that combines 2 modes of play, learning and musical games with 10 sung song. In the learning mode – six hot spots on plush puppy will teach you A-Z, body parts and colors through fun phrases and songs. Then switch to the game […]

How early can you teach your baby to swim?

Is there a good time to start teaching your baby to swim? Does it benefit them if you start off early rather than later? I think so. Some infants have started to swim lessons as young as six months. Younger babies seem to feel more comfortable in water than older kids do. There isn’t such […]

Does Music really make a difference?

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I started reading articles on fetal development through music. I had read a few different articles on how a fetus in the second and third trimester can hear music and sound. I also read that classical music can help develop brain cells and stimulate your unborn […]

Weekly Mom Blog Week of 4-21-2008

My Happy Monday Monday April 21st So this morning I woke up around 6 or so to Justin’s babbling from his crib…He usually wakes up and talks to his little animal toys in his crib. So CUTE! I usually get a bottle ready and go get him; it helps to keep him occupied while I […]

Weekly Mom Blog for the Week of 6-16-2008

Monday June 16th 2008 Today was a long day. I was actually able to sleep last night because my parents had taken Justin for the night. I had spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the hospital with a girlfriend who was in labor so my son spent most of the weekend with his father. […]

Weekly Mom Blog Week of 7-7-2008

Monday August 7th 2008 So today was a tough day. Justin had gotten sick on Saturday with a high fever; he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I sat up at night trying to bring his fever down with Motrin, Tylenol, cool compresses, whatever I could do make him feel better but I had no luck. […]

Registering Blog

So I got to thinking the other day about how hard it can be for new moms to register for their baby shower or just for the baby in general.  I remember going to Babies R Us and thinking “This is going to be fun!”.  Little did I know there were a million and one […]

Velour Baby Blankets (Set of 3 – 2 blue, 1 yellow)

Woven from super soft 100-percent polyester velour, these snuggly blankets will keep baby cozy and warm and are available in an array of bright colors. *Each set includes three 30 x 40-inch blankets *Woven from 100-percent polyester *Two-ply velour is extremely soft and resistant to wear *Satin binding enhances the blankets appeal *Jacquard design style […]

Teddy Toes Cotton – Size 2 – White w/ Yellow Satin

The TeddyToes Cotton blanket features separate legs and generous wings, which allow easy swaddling. Your benefit is easy mobility as you simply wrap your baby to go, without shifting flat blankets. This 100% Cotton Blanket is white with colored satin trim. It is the perfect alternative for warmer climates and those sunny spring and summer […]

Plush Dot Baby Lovie with Pastel Blue Satin Trim by SwaddleDesigns

Our Plush Dot Baby Lovie with Pastel Blue Satin Trim by SwaddleDesigns is a precious little blanket. Its silky satin borders, a flannel face and a full satin back; textures that baby’s love and pediatricians recommend. It’s machine washable, measures 14 X 14 inches square, comes in any number of colors and you can pair […]