Weekly Mom Blog Week of 7-7-2008

Monday August 7th 2008

So today was a tough day. Justin had gotten sick on Saturday with a high fever; he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I sat up at night trying to bring his fever down with Motrin, Tylenol, cool compresses, whatever I could do make him feel better but I had no luck. I got about maybe 5 hours of sleep the entire weekend! On Sunday I decided I better take him in to Urgent Care to make sure he didn’t have strep and to just have him checked out. I get there and his fever is still a bit high and they hold him down and take a swab sample from his throat. They came back pretty quick to say he didn’t have strep which was great but that he did have a viral infection. He had no interest on eating or anything. So it’s Monday, still no food, no milk, nothing! He wouldn’t even drink pedialite. I noticed tons of saliva all over the place though. He would hold it in his mouth and just slobber everywhere. That’s how much his little throat hurt. His whole sleep schedule was off as well, no naps during the day like usual. He was taking 20 minute naps here and there throughout the day which made it hard for me to do anything! So I guess we’ll see how tonight goes and how Tuesday goes!!!

Tuesday August 8th 2008

I decided today I better take Justin in to see his pediatrician to follow up after my Urgent Care visit. I took him in and had him looked at, we did yet another swab and he said his throat was pretty raw. Poor guy. At his age he isn’t able to give him anything for the pain which is hard. All he was able to give me was Tylenol with codeine. The Dr. had told me that sometimes Codeine has the opposite effect on children. Instead of making them sleepy or groggy it hypes them up. Guess what happened with my son? Yep, he wanted to play, walk around, cry some more, avoid napping all together! That’s just my luck though! I gave him some of it throughout the day and night; he seemed to be feeling a little better. I gave him a bottle as well and when he would take it he would cry when he swallowed, I felt horrible. I wish I could have taken his pain away. He slowly drank his milk, never really felt like eating much though. Maybe tomorrow he will want to eat!!!

Wednesday August 9th 2008

HOORAY! Justin woke up this morning in a good mood, he asked for his bottle which was a great sign! We went downstairs and made a bottle and I also thought I would try and give him some applesauce. Once he saw the applesauce he got very excited, I knew my guy was back! He ate like a champ! It’s like he was never sick, he did a complete 360 and went right back to his old self. He was in a great mood and wanted to play instead of be clingy and whiny. That is so hard to deal with after a few day so fit, you just can’t handle the constant crying so to wake up to a smiling baby is a breath of fresh air. So for the rest of the day he just wanted to eat and drink his milk, he needed his energy to play! I on the other hand had seen better days. I was EXHAUSTED. I had been up for so long, through the night and all day, unable to take naps. My husband conveniently had plans like softball on Monday so I got no rest then and today I was going to let him know momma needs to sleep! I couldn’t see straight! I worked and when I finished I thought, “How did I even get through that?” It’s funny what you can do with lack of sleep isn’t it? I pushed on and waited for my husband to get home from work. When he did I think he could see the look on my face and he knew I was on my last leg. He took my son and I went to bed, my pillow was waiting for me and I couldn’t get to sleep fast enough.

Thursday August 10th 2008

I feel better today, I got some sleep and Justin was feeling a lot better to. He was all busy and wanting to play first thing in the morning. I still felt tired, I knew I need about 30 more hours of sleep to feel my best, but I know that will never happen! I decided to go ahead and take Justin to his weekly swim class, he hasn’t missed a class yet so I was glad he was healthy. We went to our class and he did great! Towards the end of the 25 minute class he started to get sleepy and I knew he would fall asleep one the car started moving. So after class I showered all the chlorine off of him and got him dressed and we headed home. He did fall asleep in the car and when we got home I put him in his crib and though “I should nap right now”, and then thought I should work instead. I decided to work as well because I wasn’t feeling tired. Why is that? Why is it that you’re tired when your kids aren’t but when they are asleep your wide awake? So frustrating! So I worked and he eventually woke up. We had lunch and played for a bit and then he was off to his gym class. He loves it. He runs around, plays and learns different things to help develop his motor skills. I love the class because he burns energy and passes out right after class. It’s worth every penny! It’s almost Friday!

Friday August 11th

It’s Friday, I made it through the week! Today I met with my personal trainer at the gym and she kicked my butt again…I love her. It felt good to work out since my week was so tiring; it gave me a burst of energy for the rest of the day. Justin was at the gym’s daycare which he loves and all the teachers there love him as well. He’s quite popular. Our day was like any other, nothing out of the ordinary. There isn’t much to write about today except for the fireworks we saw tonight. The annual Cornfest here in Brentwood has fireworks on its first night and they are very impressive. This was Justin’s first fireworks show, actually it’s his second. His first one was when he was 2 months old; he was asleep so it didn’t count! So as the fireworks started he looked very confused, he squeezed my arms really tight and I could feel his legs tightening around my waist but he didn’t look scared and he never cried. He just had the look of awe on his face, it was too cute. Nothing could take his attention off the fireworks though, not even his bottle. Today was a good day.

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Weekly Mom Blog for the Week of 6-16-2008

Monday June 16th 2008

Today was a long day. I was actually able to sleep last night because my parents had taken Justin for the night. I had spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the hospital with a girlfriend who was in labor so my son spent most of the weekend with his father. It was also my sister’s birthday so I got to spend all day with her which was great, she is also expecting and I cannot wait to meet my niece! To be at the hospital and witness the birth of this little boy was so emotional, I was so amazed at how incredible life is, bringing a baby in to the world and for the first time feeling love like you’ve never felt before. It was so great to see someone else “discover” that love. It also made me want to have another baby, although my husband and I have already talked about extending our family I remember the feeling of when my son was born and how in love with him I was. So I was tired, tired from the long weekend and tired from only having about 5 hours of sleep what seemed like 36 hours. When I got home Sunday night without my son it was a bit strange at first. I usually get him ready for bed. Set up his music, camera, night light, my routine is like clockwork. That night I stumbled in exhausted, washed my makeup off, put on my pj’s and hit the bed like a ton of bricks! I hadn’t been that tired in a long time and it felt so good to just lie down without having to get up and do all the usual stuff. I don’t think I woke up that night to be honest! How great it felt! I woke up Monday morning at about 5:30 when my friend had sent me a text message from the hospital saying she was so in love with her son, it was nice to hear even though I was dead tired. From that point on I just laid around for a bit then got out of bed and got ready to drive out to my parents and save them from the little maniac that is my son. The rest of the day was a blur, he slept and I managed to get some work done. It was a good day overall though and if I had to do it all over again to witness such an amazing thing, I would.

Tuesday June 17th 2008

Today was a better day, I felt a little more rested. I woke up early with Justin and we sat for a bit and had breakfast and watched some cartoons. I went to the gym early and then right after took him to swim class. I will a little nervous about class because he has hated it so much in the previous six classes that I thought I was just torturing him. So I put on his swim trunks and went in to the pool. At first he just kind of looked at me and then he started splashing around and laughing! I thought, YES!!! The whole time he was smiling, even after coming out from under the water. He was clapping at himself and playing. He did so great, I was so proud of him! I was so happy that he actually enjoyed the class; I was afraid that swimming for him would end up a disaster but today proved otherwise. So after class I gave him a shower to rinse off l the chlorine and we went home. He took a long nap so I worked as much as I could while doing laundry and cleaning up a little. I was so tired by mid day! He’s only been taking one nap a day lately and that’s hard for me, I don’t get a break at all. He’s so active that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him. I hope one day he will slow down a bit but I “The Little Gym” and he loves it. He gets to run around in a padded room with other kids and have a great time, while learning new activities. I hope the next few years will get a little easier but I think I have a little athlete on my hands and relaxing is not an option!

Wednesday June 18th 2008

Today was a good day. Pretty mellow for the most part, nothing out of the ordinary. My husband left for an overnight business meeting so it was just me and my son. I went to the gym in the morning to get a little workout in and he went off to the gym daycare; which he loves! The day care sitters say he is such an active boy and that he is nonstop the entire time which is nothing new to me! I came back to find him just hanging out with his little friends and didn’t seem like he really wanted to leave. It was cute, the girls love him there. So we came home and he took a nice long nap, I was able to get some work done and do some laundry. I always feel behind in house work, I never feel like anything gets done. I hate having a dirty house and no clothes so when I never clean or do laundry I almost get anxious from it. It’s so hard to not just do what I want like clean the house or laundry or cook even. If I take my eye off my son for even a minute he is in to something and usually something he should not be in to. I have found him playing with dog toys, cat food, and dirt, anything he could find! And of course most of it ends up in his mouth, yuck. But I always tell myself dirt is fine, bugs are fine, he’s a boy! So a clean house I feel is something in the past. There are the occasional and “rare” days where I am able to really clean but those are far and few in between. I think as my son gets older it will be easier for me to get things done and not worry, I can send him out in the backyard to play. If I was to do that now he would be eating tan bark, bugs and lord knows what else the dog might have left behind! He woke up and we played, had some lunch, dinosaur shaped nuggets, and hung out. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as every other day and towards the night we had dinner and got him ready for bed. I’m so used to having my husband at home every night, it was quiet and ESPN wasn’t on in the background. Justin finally fell asleep and fought me for a while but eventually gave in and passed out and so did I.

Thursday June 19, 2008

I woke up this morning about 7 AM to realize that I never got out of bed to feed Justin last night; he had slept through the night! I felt rested, somewhat at least and was surprised I got to sleep through the night. I wonder at what point does he sleep through the night? Will I ever be able to sleep through the night on a nightly basis? I hope so. He’s 13 months and still wants to have a bottle in the middle of the night and wants to be held and when it’s 2 o’clock in the morning you really just want to sleep! I figured by now it would have past. As far as the rest of my day, we did the usual; had breakfast, watched some cartoons and ran around the house a bit. I managed to get to the gym and take him to daycare for about an hour. After my workout I walked over to the day care to find Justin holding someone else’s sippy cup, walking around like he owned the place. I picked him up and turned to the day care ladies; who by the way were being attacked by kids left and right, and let them know he was drinking out of someone else cup and they of course apologized and began to tell me that this was the fifth time he had taken someone’s sippy cup…right out of another babies hand! How embarrassing!! He’s such a little bully but I know at his age and being an only child he’s not one for sharing and wants what he wants! So let’s just cross our fingers that the little kid he stole that from isn’t sick! So I managed to get all of our stuff and walk out with my head down. We’ll have to work on the sharing, that’s going to be a tough one!

Friday June 20th

Thank god it’s Friday! I got pretty good sleep last night, I spent the night at my parents house because my mother and I had gone out the night before and I left Justin with my husband for the night. So to come home and just sleep was so great! People always say they don’t want to be away from their kids or they have to be with them every night, well I guess I’m not one of those moms. I need a break every now and then, I need to sleep and sleep without interruptions. I think all moms need that. You would go crazy if you didn’t. Now I’m not one of those moms who go out every weekend with my girlfriends and drinks till the morning. Those days are long gone but to go to a concert with grandma, I think that’s acceptable! I think I would feel bad leaving him at home to go out every weekend and not spend quality time with my family. I do feel like I spend 24/7 with my son and I love every moment but I need the breaks here and there and yesterday was one of the BEST! I don’t think I’ll have another great night like that in a long time so when I get the chance, I take it! I’m looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with my boys.

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